Encrypted Security


Welcome, Agent.

Your continued cooperation is mandatory

Classified Information Notice

As an agent granted special access to the San Nicolas Island Navel Base, you represent the finest, most trusted agents of the military-intelligence community. Your discretion is critical. This base is home to many of the country’s most top secret experiments in genetics and weaponry, and is the operational base of the Generation Kymera, Delta Squadron (GK Delta). GK Delta represents scientific advancement spearheaded by Dr. Kim Mera, whose discoveries and biological experimentation have created the world’s first Human-Animal Hybrid Soldiers.

As a reminder, the information, to which you have access as one stationed on SNI Naval Base, is classified. The existence of the Generation Kymera Program, GK Delta Missions, and even the Multigenic Utility and Tactical Test Species (MUTTS) is not public knowledge. Further, discussions with any member of GK Delta must be limited to an ongoing mission. Breach of protocol will be prosecuted.

Keep San Nicolas Island Base Secure: Lock the “D.O.R.”


Do not discuss any classified information with anyone outside of SNI, any lower-ranked SNI soldiers, human-animal soldiers, or any civilian faculty.


It’s your duty to ensure San Nicolas Island personnel are practicing discretion. Look and listen for signs of any subversive behavior and obtain evidence where possible.


Report any suspicious behavior or breach of protocol that you observe to your commanding officer and discuss no further.

Agent Dashboard


  • Last Known Dispatched Location: Ashburn, Virginia United States
  • IP Address:
  • Login Time: 2051-05-27 17:50:11
  • Rank: Auxiliary Agent
  • DOB: Classified
  • Height: Classified
  • Weight: Classified
  • Hair Color: Classified
  • Eye Color: Classified
  • Birthplace: Classified
  • Languages Spoken: English

Service Record

Agent successfully recorded energy anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle. After confirmed contact with an extraterrestrial species in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle was reported by Gk Delta (see the report Operation: 52 Pickup), a team was sent back to record any energy anomalies at the ocean’s surface. The navy sent three ships, one cruiser and two submarines, to identify if any additional danger remains after Operation: 52 Pickup. Studies of the ocean surface found that no consistent anomalies were present at the ocean surface, however Agent did record intermittent pulses being directed into space. Agent succeeded in intercepting the signal and delivering the details to the Space Force for decoding. Space Force was then able to design a jamming signal that is currently being used to keep the extraterrestrials from contacting anyone off planet.

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/