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M.U.T.T.S. Logs Emperor Bob

Sphenisformicidae Lynx Rufus

A penguin, bobcat and ant make for a very interesting mix. The original test was to see if avian DNA, mammal DNA and insect DNA could combine without catastrophic results. Emperor Bob was the result. We ended up with a swimmer that avoids the water, a climber with short hindlegs, and able to lift 20 times its body weight. We find that it prefers to make burrows near water and will occasionally take a dip, using its short flipper feet for propulsion. It can dig well with its insectoid arms, and will use those arms to pull its body up out of burrows. The thorax/abdomen of the creature makes for a very sturdy base and when the breed plays together you can see them in small groups all sat down with their insectoid limbs flailing at each other. The lab technicians say that the Emperor Bob pen looks like a room full of licorice whips playing together.

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