Encrypted Security


SNI Facility

Pride. Honor. Trust.

Few are allowed access to San Nicolas Island. Each scientist represents the most advanced in his or her field. Each soldier is the highest in his or her class. Each intelligence agent has gone through rigorous psychological evaluation and background testing. That you’re here is a testament to your trustworthiness. You will not let your country down.

sni mera

To understand the importance of your service, and to familiarize yourself with your new environment, it’s important to understand the base’s history.

In 2024, The base was repurposed to become the home of the Generation Kymera Project. Spearheaded by Dr. Mera, under the directorship of the Directorate of Biogenetic Science (DBS), a brand of the Central Intelligence Agency, Generation Kymera unlocks the mysteries of biology in order to better serve this nation’s military goals.

To complete these goals, DBS works with all five branches of the military and federal law enforcement agencies, to understand how biogenetic science can make a better soldier.

The story of San Nicolas Island is also a story of redemption for base commander, Cmd. Ezra Stone, US Navy. Though his career had some highly publicized controversy and demotion, Naval brass gave him another opportunity to continue his career and train the part animal, part human soldiers of Generation Kymera Delta (GK Delta).

sni san nicolas

San Nicolas Island is also home to the most advanced equipment the military has to offer. It’s not unusual to see a transforming aircraft carrier like the USS Allen W. Dulles, or even find that some vehicles, like the Nighthawk helicopter, have stealth technology that makes them completely unseen. The covert operations of the Generation Kymera projects require covert transportation, so be on the lookout for these and more surprises while stationed here.

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