Encrypted Security


2050-02-14 17:02:21 root@sabotage:~/var/log/computer-brain-interface-mc.log

  1. ReVAMP
  2. CBI Mental Contemplation Log for
  3. US Army Captain Mick ‘Sabotage’ Jameson
  4. Applied Dynamics™

I continue my mission to restore the ReVAMP platoon to its former glory. I already have a number of disgruntled former ReVAMP comrades on board along with some new recruits working with me from the inside.

One of these agents has been anonymously supplying me with reports on where to find military-grade combat training bots. Over the past year, I’ve stolen a few of these bots here and there while this mysterious stranger covers my tracks afterwards by altering the inventory each time. I’ve amassed nearly 400 now. I’ve been storing them at an abandoned electric car factory outside McCarren, Nevada and using the facility to reprogram each one with Hunter-Killer software instead of their more inhibiting “training” programs. This is all in preparation for my last step: rearming.

I chose the location near McCarren for a tactical advantage. It’s less than 10 miles from the Applied Dynamics facility and most of the area in between is mountains and desert. This particular facility contains all the weaponry my team will build A full scale cyborg army… Better than ever before. With that, it’s also heavily guarded. I’ve made it routine to check on its security, including the movements, every time I appropriate a new bot. Stationing the Hunter-Killers nearby will allow me to launch a surprise offensive before authorities can be mobilized. The bots will also allow me to take several pieces of heavy equipment quickly.

In evening, I march, at the vanguard with my Hunter-Killer battalion following, towards the Applied Dynamics facility. Scanning the facility in the distance, immediately I recognize it; there are no guards. Either they’ve switch to automated systems or it’s a trap. Either way, the drawback of using bots over cyborgs is that it will take time to reprogram them with this change in targeting. I halt the HK’s advance and discreetly move ahead alone to recon.

I see no automated defensive systems, only standard alarms and motion detectors. I need to get a closer look…


root@sabotage:~/ asecurity -t “RMM systems” -d -o nbrm

*** Asynchronous Security Controller v 5.3 ***

Security System Brand: RMM Systems


– Disable


– Notification Alerts

– Bell Alarms

– Redundancy Systems

– Motion Detection



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Even with the security systems now disabled, I step into the building cautiously. There could be units inside. I have the training and tools for just this situation…


root@sabotage:~/ fscan | profilexref -mp

*** ReVAMP Forensic Scan Utility ***

IMPORTANT: Slowly move optic input over target area for best results.


Results: 76 unique profiles found.

*** Forensic Profile Cross Reference ***


– Military Agents

– Police Agents

DNA FOUND – GK Delta Agent Daart

DNA FOUND – GK Delta Agent El Ray

DNA FOUND – GK Delta Agent Quillroy

DNA FOUND – GK Delta Agent Albert VII

End of found profiles list.



So that’s it. The brass knew I was coming and they sent their pet freaks after me. They never dare let the public see their abominations though. The four weirdos are all alone in there! I leave Applied Dynamics and return to reprogram the battalion…

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/