Encrypted Security


Operation: Gunrunner Mission Briefing

2050-02-12 10:00 SNI Conference Room Transcript

Lead Officer: Commander Ezra Stone

In Attendance:

  • Lt. El Ray
  • Lt. Hopper
  • Ens. Quillroy
  • Ens. Albert VII
  • Daart (NROTC)

Lieutenant Hopper: Ten-hut!

Commander Stone: Be seated. GK Delta, I trust you’ve all had time to review the intelligence ahead of Operation Gunrunner. We believe the reason Sabotage is targeting the Applied Dynamics facility in Northern Nevada is that it contains a warehouse for cybernetic parts.

Ensign Albert VII: What makes you think he’ll be at that particular Applied Dynamics warehouse?

Hopper: Mr. Seven, you waste our time. Had you read the report you’d have seen that Sabotage left a trail of depleted plutonium pellets.

Stone: That’s correct. The agency carbon dated the radioactive waste detected by local agencies to determine Sabotage has been on a bee-line heading right for the warehouse.

Albert VII: Alright. Well. I’ll pay more attention to the reports before I open my pie-hole.

Daart: Thanks, Hopper!

Hopper: You’ll address me as Lieutenant, cadet.

Albert VII: [whispers] Ha! Ha! You got in trouble too!

Daart: [whispers] Shut up!

Stone: SOCOM demands we take down Sabotage once and for all by any means. Now Sabotage doesn’t know we’re tracking him yet, and Lieutenant Hopper and I have come up with a plan to take advantage of the element of surprise.

If you refer to your screens, you’ll find the blueprints of the Applied Dynamics complex. Building D is where the company stores their surplus parts from the ReVAMP program. This is what Sabotage’s after.

He’s traveling clandestinely by foot. GK Delta should be there at least a day ahead of him when we airlift you in tomorrow night.

Building D is mixed-use, having both warehouse storage and office suites. The logistics manager’s office on the second floor has both a window overlooking the entire warehouse and connects to a warehouse staircase. You should have no problem spotting Sabotage when he arrives and getting the jump on him.

Even so, there’s a high probably Sabotage has one of his many hideouts in the area. Additionally, Sabotage is constantly upgrading his arsenal and his ReVAMP software. You’ll need to be ready for anything.

Hopper: Which is why I’m promoting Daart to regular forces.

El Ray: With all due respect, ma’am, I think Daart’s unprepared for this sort of mission.

Hopper: With all due respect, Lieutenant, I’ve considered this matter carefully and expect you not to question my orders going forward. The days of coddling Daart are over. He’s a young man now, and he will be a great fighter under my leadership.

Stone: Given that this is Hopper’s first time leading this team, I’d like GK Delta to spend the rest of the day running drills under her command.

[GK Delta respond in affirmative. End transcript.]

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