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How Make Daart Flip

  1. Date: 2049-01-10 15:30 Size: 140mb

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VIDEO: A Daart action figure stands on a white table with a white backdrop with his boomerang, bola, and Iron Stomach action figure on the right of the screen. Albert VII’s hands are visible, gesturing as he speaks.
ALBERT VII: Hey, I’m Albert VII and I managed to find the access password to the internet (P.S. base I.T. department, don’t leave the password written down in the drawer of your desk) and made this to show you how to make your Daart action figure do his world-famous backflip!
VIDEO: Albert VII continues to gesticulate as he speaks. He holds each of the accessories for the camera as they are described and places them in the Daart action figure’s hands.
ALBERT VII: To start we have our Daart action figure here, isn’t he cute? He’s the biggest 13-year old I’ve ever met. He’s got some accessories here: we got the hyper flex boomerang – this is just like the real one he has – and we’ve got his frog grip bola, oh and Daart’s favorite superhero action figure The Iron Stomach! He brings this thing everywhere! The kid thinks he IS a superhero.
VIDEO: Albert VII holds the Daart action figure with his left hand and removes the Iron Stomach action figure from the hand of the Daart action figure. The angle changes.
ALBERT VII: OK, ok, enough admiring this gorgeous hunk of plastic. Time to make him flip!
VIDEO: Albert VII positions all of the limbs of the Daart action figure so they are straight and all four limbs are touching the desk. Albert VII points to the hands and feet touching the desk.ALBERT VII: Start by making sure all of his limbs are straight out, he should be standing on all fours.
VIDEO: Albert VII picks up the Daart action figure and pokes it toward the camera.
ALBERT VII: Now make him sit down, it’s best if his little frog face is pointed at you.
VIDEO: Albert VII makes the Daart action figure sit and holds the toy down by the head.
ALBERT VII: Now put your finger on his head to hold him down…
VIDEO: Albert VII slides his finger off the front of the Daart action figure’s nose and the toy does a backflip.
ALBERT VII: Let your finger slide off his nose and…
VIDEO: Albert VII holds his hands out, palms up, presenting the successful flip of the Daart action figure.
ALBERT VII: Voila! That’s one flipped out frog boy!
VIDEO: Albert VII gestures with his right hand as he speaks. The Daart action figure remains still.
ALBERT VII: Try this a few times until you master the basic backflip, then you can get him to do tricks!
VIDEO: Albert VII attempts another back flip, but the Daart action figure falters half-way through and falls on its side.
ALBERT VII: Can you get him to double flip?
VIDEO: Albert VII makes the Daart action figure do another backflip with the toy ending facing away from the camera.
ALBERT VII: What about the Daart spiral?
VIDEO: Albert VII makes the Daart action figure do an additional five flips in jump cuts.
ALBERT VII: Move his arms and legs to try out different flip positions and, if you can, get some video and send it over. We love seeing what you can make Daart do!
VIDEO: The Daart action figure lands and remains still. Albert VII gestures and makes a “thumbs up” sign with his right hand before the video ends.
ALBERT VII: That’s all for now, I’ll sneak another vid out soon!

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