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Kitten Smith March 2050 Facespace Post

On Sunday, March 27, 2050 former GK Delta soldier,  LTJG Bomber, broke into an isolated warehouse near Interstate 15 in California’s Mojave Desert. This attack came in broad daylight while the warehouse was unoccupied. Stolen were various medical supply equipment used in laboratories. We believe Alpha and Bomber may be experimenting with genetic engineering again.

Kitten Smith, a woman of 74, living in the high desert in an airstream off the grid, captured a photo of Bomber moments before the break-in. She then shared it to the social media network, Facespace where it was seen by approximately 150 of her friends and associates.

We believe Ms. Smith had been squatting on the land. The agency was able to implant one of our agents in with local sheriff’s deputies while investigating the break-in. The agent and law enforcement also used the squatting as an excuse to detain Ms. Smith. Our agent was then able steal the device used to take the photo of Bomber and delete the post.

Unfortunately, Ms. Smith recovered it using a Dark Net cloud application we are not yet able to crack. This allowed Ms. Smith to recover the photo as soon as she purchased a new phone.

Ms. Smith, having a reputation as a gullible crank with a big imagination, does not, in my opinion, pose a threat to exposing the Generation Kymera project even with her blurry photo of former LTJG Bomber.

Ur not gonna believe what I caught a snap of out in the desert last night! I was taking the dog out in the back yard & when I came out I saw an enormous scorpion breaking open the fence to that warehouse next to my place... the big medical one. I got a picture right before it heard me & smashed through the fence. Cops got there & took my phone! But it saved the pic to the cloud so check out this thing!

Kitten Smith Facespace Post

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