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United States [Miliary Branch] El Ray Medical Record

DBS / Patient Files/ El Ray (D678-B51)

  1. GK Phase: Delta (Team Leader)
  2. Date of birth: 11 March 2048
  3. File: D678-B51

El Ray was created to be an amphibious soldier able to breathe on land or under the sea. While not as large as some of my other subjects, he makes up for it with bio-electric defensive measures taken from the DNA of eels and catfish as well as a poisonous stingray barb. Cdr. Stone has been training El Ray to lead the other Hybrid-Humans of the Delta series. While he’s a natural leader, I see this training as a needed distraction. The base’s training pool doesn’t satisfy El Ray’s need to be in the water. I have discovered him sneaking out to swim in the ocean around the base. It’s likely a natural biological desire, but we cannot risk him discovering the truth about our experiments or curiosity might kill the catfish.

illustration elray

Observed Abilities:

  • Breathes underwater or on land.
  • Bio-electricity that can be directed as bolts through his weapons or to generate his so-called “Lightning Storm” attack.
  • Tail Spine.
  • Swims approx. 80 kph (appox. 50 mph)

HAH-Recombination DNA Sources:

  • Human
  • Manta Ray
  • Electric Catfish
  • Electric Ray
  • Sailfish
  • Stingray

Submitted by:

Kim Mera, M.D., Ph.D.

Recovered from the private files of Kim Mera, M.D., Ph. D. Director of Biochemical Genetics, San Nicolas Island Naval Base

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/