Encrypted Security


Mission Pack 14


Operation: Tricking Timebomb

Auxiliary Agents successfully located 10 explosives on a recent mission. The image below shows the locations of each bomb identified and defused.


Tricking Timebomb Answers for Agent Auxiliary Mission Pack 14 from Alter Nation Toys

Operation: Command Structure

Agents in this operation were able to determine how many reinforcements each enemy commander had and the GK agent best suited to battle them using the clues provided by using deductive logic as so:

  1. El Ray has a score to settle with Bomber, and Stone granted his permission to lead the strike team against that enemy. Therefore, no other GK Commander could lead the team against Bomber and no other enemy commander would engage El Ray.
  2. Alpha has created genetically altered clones for his and Bomber’s reinforcements, with Bomber using more than Alpha for his attack. Therefore, Auxiliary Agents determined that Alpha could not have the most reinforcements (eliminating 25 from Alpha) and that Bomber could not have the least reinforcements (eliminating 10 from Bomber). Since Auxiliary Agents already know El Ray was facing Bomber, and Bomber could not have 10 reinforcements, El Ray could not be facing off against 10 reinforcements.
  3. Sabotage has exactly 5 more Cydog reinforcements than Bomber’s Clone reinforcements. Therefore, Auxiliary Agents determined that, since the minimum number of reinforcements Bomber could have after clue No. 2 was 15, The fewest reinforcements Sabotage could have was 20 (eliminating 10 and 15 from Sabotage). Since Bomber has fewer reinforcements than Sabotage, Bomber could not have the most (eliminating 25 reinforcements from Bomber). Since Auxiliary Agents already know El Ray was facing Bomber, and Bomber could not have 25 reinforcements, El Ray could not be facing off against 25 reinforcements.
  4. Quillroy was chosen to lead the team battling the enemy agent with the most reinforcements. Therefore, Quillroy had faced 25 reinforcements and no other GK Commander could be facing 25 reinforcements. Therefore, since Alpha and Bomber do not have 25 reinforcements, Alpha and Bomber are eliminated from facing off against Quillroy.
  5. Daart will lead a team against more than 16 enemy reinforcements. Therefore, the minimum  of the available reinforcements possibilities Daart could face off against are 20 (eliminating 10 or 15 enemy reinforcements from Daart). Since only 20 and 25 remain and Quillroy is already facing off against 25, Daart must be facing off against 20 reinforcements, eliminating 20 from El Ray and Albert VII. Since the only remaining number of reinforcements El Ray could be facing off against is 15, Agents determined Albert VII  was facing off against 10 reinforcements. Since El Ray is facing off against Bomber, Bomber’s reinforcements must also be 15. From Clue No. 3, Auxiliary Agents know that Sabotage has 5 more reinforcements than Bomber’s 15, therefore, Sabotage has 20 (15 + 5 = 20). From Clue No. 2, Auxiliary agents knew that Alpha had fewer reinforcements than Bomber, and the only option fewer than 15 was 10, Alpha must have 10 reinforcements. Agents determined that the only number of reinforcements remaining for Toxica to have was 25. Since Alpha had 10 reinforcements and Albert VII was facing 10 reinforcements, Albert VII was facing Alpha. Since Daart was facing 20 reinforcements and Sabotage had 20 reinforcements, Daart was facing Sabotage. Since Quillroy was facing 25 reinforcements, and Toxica had 25 reinforcements, Quillroy was facing Toxica.

Mission Pack 14 Command Structure Answers

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