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P.T. Bailey’s Weird World Article

Evan Peeler, a diver and amateur marine photographer from Catalina Island was able to capture Lieutenant El Ray on film during routine training GK Delta. Mr. Peeler’s boat was anchored in waters just outside of the perimeter our ships setup. Unbeknownst to Navy personnel, the divers on Mr. Peeler’s ship had crossed over the perimeter. Lt. El Ray himself had been pushing the limits of his boundaries, by pure chance, even with miles of ocean around, El Ray and Peeler ended up in the same spot. El Ray quickly swam away when he saw Peeler, but it was too late and Peeler had snapped a photo.

Mr. Peeler then shared the photo with P.T. Bailey’s Weird World, a staple of American media for over 100 years detailing bizarre stories (and sometimes hoaxes) from around the world. The story was then featured in one of their web articles, a screenshot of which can be found below.

Fortunately, stories of cryptids abound, and Mr. Peeler’s story is taken with a grain of salt in the eyes of the public. It wasn’t even one of their top clicks. If our agents were to hack the site to remove the photo, I suspect it would draw more suspicion than leaving it. I recommend no further action.

When Evan Peeler set out from Avalon for a deep sea dive with his SCUBA buddies, he might have expected to see some native sea creatures, some landfill waste, and maybe, if he were really lucky, a sunken vessel. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would capture the image above. We don’t know if it’s native, but talk about a sea creature! Peeler described the anthropod as bioelectric, part ray, but with what looked like eel and fish parts. While the image doesn’t appear to be doctored, skepticism remains. Could one of Peeler’s SCUBA partners have dressed up in an elaborate outfit in order to pull off an incredible hoax? Or is the creature a missing link in mankind’s evolutionary chain? We can’t say. What we can say is that Evan is excited to get back out in the water. “I got into SCUBA knowing full well the dangers... Am I scared? No way! We go down there every day thinking about running into a shark or worse.” He hopes to find the creature again and add another member to his SCUBA circle. “The Manta-Man didn’t appear to mean any harm. He swam away so fast after I took that picture and I didn’t even get a chance to try and communicate with him... Me and my friends will definitely continue to explore the waters around Catalina and we’ll make one of the biggest discoveries in human history eventually. ”

P.T. Bailey’s Weird World “Raj’s Weirdness of the Week” May 2047 article

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