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Project ReVAMP Sabotage Medical Record

Patient Files/ Sabotage (D678-B59)

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  1. Base Commander, NOLF San Nicolas Island
  2. 20 July 2046
  3. File: D678-B59

an sabotage

Former Army Captain, Michael “Mick” Jameson, A.K.A. “Sabotage”, is the last of the elite cyber-soldier program created by Applied Dynamics Corporation (ADC) to restore wounded vets to battle-readiness. When Congress cut funding to the program, those soldiers were forced to retire; their cyborg parts stripped away. The vets called it ‘the dis-arming.’ Unwilling to quietly be put out to pasture, Jameson quickly learned how to maintain his own cybernetic enhancements before going missing. As a rogue agent seeking revenge against the U.S. Government, he is a tremendous risk to national security. Based on intelligence report analysis, Sabotage’s cybernetic legs can run up to 75 MPH. His hydraulic arm and robotic grip was powerful enough to rip the armor off of an MX39 Tank. Complicating the matter is Sabotage constantly upgrading himself, making it nearly impossible to find a weakness. Threats like Jameson were exactly why I supported the GK Delta and Generation Kymera project. I only hope the young members of the Delta team survive. We can assume he’s aware of the existence of our classified human-animal hybrids, as he blames them for the so-called ‘dis-arming.’

Enemy Capabilities:

  • Armored chest makes him bulletproof and keeps his vulnerable human organs protected.
  • Cybernetic enhanced left arm is extremely strong and punches at sonic speeds.
  • Expert in firearms and explosives.
  • Cybernetic legs that allow him to run at nearly 120 kph (74.6 mph) and jump 7-9 meters (23-30 feet) high.
  • A cybernetic re-breather mask that covers his face allowing him to breathe in toxic, underwater, or airless environments.
  • 360 degree vision, telescopic sight, targeting system, and the ability to see in both the infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum.
  • Nuclear core power supply giving him an endless lifespan and Applied Dynamics’ infamous “overdrive” attacks.
  • Computer-Brain Interface directly transmitting data to and from his own mind for enhanced intelligence.

Known Affiliations: Applied Dynamics Corporation (ADC), Remember Our Victories (R.O.V.) extremist organization

Submitted by:

Cdr. Ezra Stone

Date: 20 July 2046

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/