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M.U.T.T.S. Logs Ratuga

Rattus Testudines

When you combine rat and turtle DNA you get a radically armored eating machine. The mix of instincts programmed in this combination of DNA makes for a surprisingly compatible mixture of abilities. The shell growing out of the rat body creates a protective cover and surface area of the shell keeps the rat from getting overheated from its mammalian physiology. When threatened, the animal will burrow underground until the shell is the only part exposed and then retreat into the shell. Several lab assistants have tripped over burrowed Ratugas in their pen leading to the Lab supervisors calling it a “shell shock.” These creatures can eat anything and we have seen a significant drop in organic waste now that it has been redirected to the Ratugas and Warhorns as food supplements. They are particularly fond of fruit scraps like apple cores and banana peels as well as bread, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. Once a week we clear out junk food and banana peels from Albert VII’s bunk and drop them in the Ratuga pen. It’s like a feeding at a koi pond.

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