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The Best Action Figure – ME!

Albert VII How-To Videos

  1. Date: 2049-01-29 15:30 Size: 220mb


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VIDEO: The Albert VII action figure stands on a white desk with a white background. His accessories, the in-scale whoopee cushion; rifle with banana clip; six-shooter ray gun; cream pie; and Sucker Punch mallet, lay in front of it. Albert VII gestures with his hands as he speaks.
ALBERT VII: I’m really excited about this one, folks! We’re looking at the plastic representation of yours truly and I’m super excited about it! This is so flerb!
VIDEO: Albert VII picks up the action figure and holds the face near the camera for a close up view.
ALBERT VII: So first off, check out this gorgeous sculpting on my face! The only way to make it better is if it could talk. You see that underbite? I’m adorable!
VIDEO: Albert VII holds the action figure close to the camera and demonstrates the different joints of the action figure.
ALBERT VII: Articulation wise, I’m pretty bendy. You can pose me in tons of different ways and I’m still durable enough to handle getting played with pretty hard!
VIDEO: Albert VII holds the action figure near the camera and shows it holding the rifle accessory in its right hand and the six-shooter ray gun in its left foot.
ALBERT VII: Oh! This is cool! You can put my accessories in my hands AND my feet! So when you’re posing me up to battle Sabotage or your other toys don’t let me go into battle empty footed!
VIDEO: Albert VII demonstrates the bendable tail and shows it holding the Sucker Punch Mallet.
ALBERT VII: The tail is bendy too! You can hang me from stuff or hold my mallet, use your imagination.
VIDEO: Albert VII gestures to the Sucker Punch Mallet on the white table and shows a close up of the accessory. Then Albert VII shows the action figure holding the Sucker Punch Mallet and demonstrates the spring loaded boxing glove feature.
ALBERT VII: Speaking of my mallet, this is one of my favorite weapons. I can knock Sabotage on the head and if that’s not enough one push of a button and BLAMMO a boxing glove flies out of the front.
VIDEO: Albert VII shows a close up of the six-shooter ray gun accessory and shows the action figure holding the accessory in its left hand.
ALBERT VII: Not a lot of people know this, but some of our equipment comes from Area 51. This six-shooter for example was invented in the 50’s. It looks like a standard pistol, but it’s actually a ray gun! The batteries go where you’d expect the bullets to be. That’s why it’s got the fancy lenses on the tip of the barrel.
VIDEO: Albert VII shows a close up of the rifle with banana clip.
ALBERT VII: Of course sometimes a rifle is the tool you need, so I have a standard M-16 that comes complete with banana clip. Get it?!?! Banana clip! (Albert VII laughs.)
VIDEO: Albert VII shows a close up of the banana cream pie and then shows the action figure holding the banana cream pie.
ALBERT VII: As if that weren’t enough I also keep a banana cream pie on hand for when I need to play a joke or need to cover Sabotage’s eye lenses. It comes in handier than you’d think.
VIDEO: Albert VII holds the whoopee cushion near camera in close up. Jump cut to the filled whoopee cushion on the desk and Albert VII “sitting” the action figure on the whoopee cushion.
ALBERT VII: But my favorite thing is the whoopee cushion! It is in scale to use with Alter Nation and other six inch or bigger toys! Here listen (blows up cushion, farts, laughs!) Isn’t that great?!?
VIDEO: The action figure and accessories appear as they did at 00:00:00:01. Albert VII gestures as he speaks and covers the camera lens at the end of the video.
ALBERT VII: There it is, your favorite action figure, Albert VII! If you manage to catch a video of you tricking your other toys with the whoopee cushion send us a copy!

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