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M.U.T.T.S. Logs Warhorn

Rhinocerophacochoerus Africanus

A mix of warthog and rhinoceros DNA, the Warhorn is, as you might expect, a creature that can charge with a great deal of power. The combination of tusks and horns make the front of the Warhorn very dangerous. A herd of Warhorn could shred an entire field of both enemy soldiers and, if you give them some time, any brush or flora you need cleared. When tested we could clear enough space for a helicopter landing pad in about 30 minutes with only 3 Warhorns. Although not as “cuddly” or smart as some of the other M.U.T.T.S., the GK Delta agent Quillroy has become attached to the Warhorn we are training in the lab. Behavior note: we need to keep the Warhorns and Ratugas separated. Warhorns seem to have a strong negative reaction to turtles and rats making the Ratuga particularly problematic.

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