Encrypted Security


Operation 52 Pickup: GK Delta Mission Debriefing – Final

18:00 2049-09-12 USS Allen W. Dulles Conference Room

In Attendance:

  • Cdr. Ezra Stone
  • Lt. El Ray
  • Ens. Quillroy
  • Ens. Albert VII
  • F.O. Sham
  • NROTC Daart

Stone: El Ray, you alluded to something in your report that I’d like to clarify. Were you looking for something else when you were supposed to be recovering the black box?

El Ray: Affirmative, sir.

Stone: Which was?

El Ray: Answers, sir. I believed there was a chance that the underwater city might have been my origin. 

Stone: Do you still think that’s the case.

El Ray: Negative, sir. 

Stone: Thank you. Please be seated. Daart, please state for your teammates what you were doing during Operation: 52 Pickup.

Daart: Uh, sir, do I have to, sir?

Stone: It’s an order.

Daart: Well, uh, I thought Sham might’ve been up to no good because he was acting weird and he’s, like, super-agent spy. And the other guys always were worried about him before. 

Stone: And?

Daart: And . . . well . . . he was actually trying to help fix the subs and I got in the way. 

Stone: Thank you, Daart and El Ray. It takes a lot of courage to admit our mistakes in front of our peers. Learn from these mistakes without letting them discourage you. Mistakes aren’t the only way, but they do help us grow and get better. Besides, you’ve all seen some extraordinary things in your life. If anyone should have some leeway, it’s you four. Because of the extraordinary nature of our missions, can be challenging to distinguish between reality and our imagination. The world is already a complex place, but the world GK Delta has to live in is a hundred times more complex than that. It’s important you keep in mind the evidence and probability of an idea to guide your decision making. Just because an idea is intriguing, doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s a flaw in reasoning you might have. A very human flaw. 

[Laughter from GK Delta]

Albert VII: Next thing you know, we’ll be sippin’ lattes like the humans!

Stone: I commend you, GK Delta. You did well. Yes, even you, Daart. That said, we will need to work on being a bit more . . . discreet.



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