Encrypted Security


Operation Kid Gloves Intel Request


      1. Field Agent Sham
      2. Generation Kymera: Gamma
      3. Directorate of Biogenetic Science
      4. Central Intelligence Agency

SNI Zero Zero requested all intelligence related to the unexplained phenomenon in Portland, Oregon, that occurred during Operation Kid Gloves. To further our agency’s understanding and to aid in your investigation, I am providing the relevant details of the events prior to my blackout:

My research into the strange behavior of the children who briefly went missing led me to a parking lot at Reed College. I’d prepared a stakeout of the grounds for the night of January 4, 2050. At approximately 8PM, I observed a young man, later identified as Gerald Reed (16), step out of a blue hatchback—make: Tiberius, model: Chariot. I noticed his gait was highly irregular, like a newborn horse. I slithered along the asphalt, my chameleon skin matching my surroundings, as I weaved between cars in hopes of getting a closer look. 

I peeked from behind the front bumper of a car nearest young Mr. Reed. He was exhibiting bizarre symptoms—probably associated with a neurological malady. The pupils of his eyes were incredibly dilated, but that wasn’t the most unsettling thing about him. For several minutes he stood under the lamppost with his spine perfectly vertical, his head slightly down, and he stared wide-eyed at the ground. He swayed unnaturally, with a slight shifting of weight from one leg to the other at regular intervals of 45 seconds; I timed it. 

I remained silent as I heard a shuffling of feet along the pavement. I kept an eye on Mr. Reed while surveying my surroundings with the other eye. That’s when I discovered I was surrounded by young men and women ranging in age from about 8 to their late teens. What I thought was pupil dilation, I now realized was actually a black liquid. As the youths surrounded me, the liquid expanded, blacking out the entirety of their eyeballs.

“Do you want to come with us?” Mr. Reed asked.

That was the last memory I have of January 4. For the record, I have no direct knowledge of how it came to be that the members of GK Delta went missing.

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Date: 2050-01-08

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