Encrypted Security


Operation Kid Gloves Preparation Meeting

2050-01-07 1300 – Conference Room 3

Lead Officer: San Nicolas Island Base Commander Cdr. Ezra Stone

In Attendance:

  • Lt. El Ray
  • Ens. Quillroy
  • Ens. Albert VII
  • Daart (NROTC)

Speaker Transcript

Ens. Albert VII (Whispers) Q.R. Check out this address. . . 3051 Chow Mein Lane. (Hee hee)

Lt. El Ray: Quiet!

CMD Stone: All of the children have since returned home, suspiciously, stating the same explanation for their disappearance, word for word, ‘I went to the park and got lost.’

Sham’s mission required radio-silence. The last known location we have for him is Room 301 of the Luxadoré, a hotel downtown that the agency commandeers for housing during long-term assignments.

You’ll drop into a makeshift operations base located 20 miles outside the city limits. We’ve outfitted a KCC Mark X vehicle for surveillance and disguised it as a flower delivery van. You’ll pick it up at the drop site. Inside, you’ll be provided with a Mudskipper dirt bike for traversing any rough terrain or water. As always, don’t be seen.


Ens. Quillroy: Why was Sham sent on a missing children case, sir? Isn’t something like that better handled by other agencies?

CMD Stone: The reason Agent Sham was dispatched remains classified.

Lt. El Ray: Were any of the kids questioned about him?

CMD Stone: The ones from the homes on your map all returned prior to Sham’s dispatch. Any information on children who may or may not be missing since then remains need-to-know. Your mission is to track the whereabouts of Sham, not to investigate these kids. Clear?

Daart: Excuse me, sir. Sham’s no Quillroy, but he can hold his own. If he got sent out, something weird must be happening, and if he got taken out, it must be something pretty tough.

CMD Stone: Which is why we’re sending the best in after him. . . Dismissed!


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