Encrypted Security


Subject: Intruder Report

  1. Name: Sham
  2. Location of Incident: SNI Recreation Room
  3. Title: Field Officer
  4. Date of Incident: 2049-10-23 2230
  5. Security Station: 0
  6. Contact: SNI Zero Zero

Description of Incident:

What initially seemed to be a spat between the Delta Squad has been escalated to a base-wide intruder alert.

Present during the incident were Ens. Albert VII, NROTC cadet Daart, and ranking officer, Ens. Quillroy. The following is a transcript of my interrogation of Ens. Quillroy:

Sham: Start by telling me how this all began.

Quillroy: Well, it was getting close to 22:00 and I figured I’d turn in. Then Daart starts getting all jumpy.

Sham: Because he’s a frog?

Quillroy: Nah, man! I mean he started acting nervous-like. He’s mumbling about some “Thirteen Skull Houses” movie or whatever. I tell him, I don’t wanna watch any movies. I’m tired. Then he shows me the IMDB pages of one of the actresses in it, like it’s gonna change my mind. I tell him “Sure, she’s pretty and all, but she’s been dead for, like, eighty years, dude.”

So, I start packing up my stuff and then Daart starts in on Albert VII. “Hey, Albert! It’s got your favorite schlack director.”

Sham: You mean, schlock?

Quillroy: Whatever, Sham. I don’t know all that artsy-fartsy, film-school talk, bruh.

Sham: Please, go on. Did Albert VII intend to stay?

Quillroy: Nah. Al-7 says that lately he’s more into slapstick than schla—schlock—so we both head to the door. Well, then Daart gets in our way and blocks us. He says he’s not letting us leave until we see the ghost. At that point I’d had it. First off, we outrank him. And second, no way I let this runt get in the way of my sleep. So I tell him he’s acting like a little kid, not a soldier, and he’d better man up and quit this scaredy-weenie routine. Then I shove him out of the way. Albert VII shrugs and follows me. We’re a few steps from the door when that bola of Daart’s wraps around both mine and Al-7’s feet. We fell on our chins, bound together at the legs.

What the heck, Daart?!” Albert VII says angrily. But Daart doesn’t say a word. He just starts dragging Al-7 and me along the floor to face us the other direction.

Daart, when I get outta this I am going to—” I start to say. And then I see it. Turns out the kid wasn’t being a weenie. There really is a ghost. Looks just like Daart said, too—a humaroid [sic] creature complete with arms and legs. But where skin and bones would normally be, there was nothing but empty space, darker than any shadow ever seen. And the sound! Creepy!


Quillroy’s testimony over the October 23 incident matches with Albert VII and Daart’s. It appears we are dealing with a yet-to-be explained phenomenon rather than one frog-boy’s imagination.

File Directory

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