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Title: No Lie—True Ghost Story That Happened to Me!!!!!!11

Daart Vlog 1

  1. Date: 2049-10-23 21:18 Size: 350mb

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2049-10-23 21:18
Daart fumbles with the video settings. He launches into an excitable tirade.
Daart: Alright, guys. I gotta tell you about the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. This is one hundred percent true. I’m going to tell you about the Ghost of San Nicolas Island. No, not Saint Nicholas. I’m not talking about Santa Claus, here. Wait, is he a ghost? Saint Nicholas was a real guy that died a long time ago, right? Does that mean a dead guy is delivering presents to kids? Eh, never mind. I’m getting creeped out just thinking about it.
Anyway, Saturday night is when we’re allowed to use the rec room as late as we want. The TV in the rec room doesn’t have cable or satellite or streaming services. We only get a few digital signals from Los Angeles. Luckily, Saturday night is also when the greatest show in the world is on: Vlad Gholkov’s Horror-House Movie-Show. Vlad Gholkov is this guy on channel 56.5 who does a funny accent, plays horror and sci-fi movies, and does goofy skits before and after commercial breaks.
A couple weeks ago, Vlad was playing the movie, The Giant Leech Woman. And seriously, you won’t believe what happened. You’re going to think I was dreaming, but look, I wasn’t dreaming! I was just resting my eyes during the commercial break! That’s when I heard this strange sound. It was like . . . You know when you talk into a spinning fan and it makes the sound all . . . I dunno, vibratey? It was like that!
I opened my eyes a little. It was dark, but by the dim light of the TV, I saw old El Taco Cheapo wrappers and empty bags of Fundito Chips flying all around the room. Vlad was on the TV hocking his “official show merchandise,” but I barely even looked up. (Okay, I looked up. Guy needs a new shirt every now and then!) My point is, at first I was so focused on the flying stuff that I didn’t even notice the ghost. Then, as I started to sit up, it moved at warp speed.
That’s when I looked right at it.
It was like a shadow, but it was darker than all the other shadows in the room! Does that make sense? I know what you’re thinking: maybe it was just the shadow of something else moving or an optical illusion from the light of the TV. No way. This thing was shaped like a man! When did any of you ever see a shadow that had three dimensional shape to it, huh? Maybe it sounds lame when I describe it . . . That’s what the other Deltas thought, too.
So, I screamed. I admit it. I screamed. Big deal! You would, too! It doesn’t mean I was scared. I was just . . . Surprised. I’d just woken up from a junk food binge. The last thing I was expecting to see was a ghost. El Ray, Quillroy, and Albert VII ran in from our quarters just as Vlad was shouting “Buy now! Visit VladGhoulkov dot Merch! Remember! It’s not dot com, it’s dot merch!”
By the time the Deltas got to the rec room, the ghost was gone! I told them what happened but they didn’t believe me! They blamed it on the movies I was watching. Quillroy even called me a weenie! A weenie! I couldn’t let the guys think that! I had to prove them wrong. And I had plenty of ideas for how to do it; of course they didn’t all exactly . . . pan out the way I planned.
The first mistake I made was trying to catch it on film. I set up a camera in the rec room and left it on record. I didn’t want to actually be in there when it happened because . . . Well, not because I was scared or anything. I just thought it would mess up the . . . um . . . Experiment. But the camera didn’t catch anything! Day one: nothing. Day two: nothing! By the third day, I gave up. I figured I had imagined it. But just in case I was wrong, I kept the camera with me.
Then last Saturday I went back to the rec room. Ghost or not, I really didn’t want to miss Vlad. He was playing one of my favorite movies: The Strange Creature of Doctor Fenix. This time I didn’t doze off, not one bit—probably because I love that movie so hard. Or maybe it was because the lights in the rec room were too bright. Either way, it was not because I was scared of a ghost. Like I said, I was pretty sure at that point that I’d imagined it. . .
Then it happened again! Even with the lights on full blast, this thing was a shadow—darker than any shadow you’ve ever seen!
My first move was to bolt for the door. I wanted away from the creature! Then I remembered the camera! I knew I had to catch it on film to save my reputation. If everyone thought I was a weenie, I’d never see real combat!
I peeked around the corner of the door. Yup. The shadow was still there.
Moving slowly, I picked up the camera and hit record. At least, I tried to. I know I hit the button, but the camera didn’t pick anything up. I even tried turning the lights off. Nothing worked.
Well, it was now or never. I dashed to the sleeping quarters and hook Quillroy awake. “You gotta come see this! Quick!” I told him.
When I saw him start to roll out of bed, I ran back to the rec room. I could hear him behind me sounding all confused, but he was following me, so that’s all that mattered.
As I turned the corner to the rec room, the otherworldly-spirit fled! Seriously. I’ve never seen anything move so fast in my life!
“But the ghost was right there!” I told Quillroy when he finally caught up.
“You woke me up for this again?” he said.
I watched as Quillroy made his way down the hall. As he turned toward his bed, he shouted over his shoulder, “You weenie!”
Errg! Quillroy missed it again! And now he really thought I was a weenie.
I sunk down on the couch in the rec room. And that’s when I heard it.
“Buy now! Visit VladGhoulkov dot Merch! Remember! It’s not dot com, it’s dot merch!” Vlad shouted from the TV.
That was it! The same thing Vlad had said right after the shadowman left last week. That meant the shadowman was coming at the same time every week!
If he was timing his visits to Vlad’s pitch, that left only one logical explanation: Vlad Ghoulkov really is a vessel for otherworldly beings from beyond the grave, and the merchandise store is where he gets his power! I knew what I had to do . . .
Tonight I’m going to get Quillroy and Albert to see the ghost themselves.
It’s perfect timing, too! Tonight’s movie is The 13 Haunted Skulls. Quillroy’s always drooling over pretty ladies, and this one’s got Ruth Greer! It’s also directed by famous schlock director Roger Castle. Albert VII is sure to love that!

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