Encrypted Security


Operation: Shadow Intruder Mission Briefing (2/2)

2049-10-31 13:00 SNI Conference Room Transcript

Lead Officer: Commander Ezra Stone

In Attendance:

  • Lt. El Ray
  • Ens. Quillroy
  • Ens. Albert VII
  • CIA Field Agent Sham
  • Daart (NROTC)

Stone Let me get this straight: You two are saying the creature is a human black hole?

Sham I have simply stated it shares some physical properties with a black hole, Commander.

El Ray We have no leads on who—or what—is behind it, sir. It appears to be humanoid in shape, intelligent in its actions, and affects matter like a black hole. Whether it’s an entity itself, some kind of cloak, or something else entirely, we don’t know.

Sham None of this explains why, if it is a black hole, it hasn’t destroyed the entire base.

Quillroy Could it be a different kind of black hole? One that swallows people but not planets?

Albert VII What? Like a “mini” black hole?

Sham Yes . . . Yes, of course! Quillroy and Albert VII, you two are brilliant!

Quillroy Pfft. I know.

Daart Don’t get carried away, Sham.

Sham Stephen Hawking theorized that micro black holes could exist.

Daart If it is a black hole, would you be able to trap it somehow, Sham?

Sham No! It would take a massive magnetic field, and we’d have less than a week to build it before the creature might return.

Stone Sham, I’d like you to come to my office.

Sham May I ask why?

Stone We may have some resources for you. The rest of you are dismissed until 0600.

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