Encrypted Security


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2049-11-06 21:50 Recreation Room Transcript

Lead Officer: Lieutenant El Ray

In Attendance:

  • Ens. Albert VII
  • CIA Field Agent Sham
  • Daart (NROTC)

Daart Are you sure this is going to work, Sham?

Sham If anything can “trap” a black hole, it’s this high-testlage electromagnetic containment field generator. There’s no need to be nervous.

Daart But it looks like it’s a hundred years old.

Sham That’s because it is! The Navy hasn’t authorized its use since it accidentally mangled a destroyer in an experiment in Philadelphia during World War II.

Daart Uh. That’s not making me less nervous.

Sham Don’t be ridiculous. We understand a lot more about the technology now. You saw those naval construction crews working all week, right? They set up a device to generate an opposing electromagnet to contain the containment field.

Albert VII But what contains the containing of the container?

Sham Amusing, Mr. Seven, but your point is irrelevant. Magnets only have positive and negative fields. We only need to neutralize one field’s effect.

El Ray The safety of the team, especially Daart, is my highest priority, Sham. You’re sure he’s in no danger?

Sham As long as he stays outside the boundaries marked on the floor, he should be fine. Oh, and Daart, you don’t have any metal implants, do you?

Daart No . . . Why?

Sham There’s a slight chance that—Never mind. I’m over ninety-nine percent certain Daart is in no danger. Frankly, he’s our only viable bait, and we’re running out of time.

Daart Great. Bait. That’s my mission. Bait for— Wait a minute. Did you say ninety-nine percent?

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