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Patient File Notes on PO3 Rick Brewer

  1. Patient File Notes on PO3 Rick Brewer
  2. Office of Dr. Rillieux, Ph.D. Psychology
  3. San Nicolas Island Base
  4. November 5, 2049

Brewer shows continued signs of aggression. Understandable since he lost his arm. Patient concerned that his career is over. Distressed that there is no longer a ReVAMP program to help wounded soldiers. Upset that he’s on a waitlist for any sort of limb replacement. Suggest continued therapy. Monitor for signs of harm to self or others.

One other note from today’s session that may end up being relevant: He stated base commanding officer, Ezra Stone, had visited him earlier that day. Cdr. Stone had tried to console Brewer by promising to stop the creature that had taken his arm. Cdr. Stone explained that they had a sort of trap set for the creature. He gave the details on how it worked, hoping to inspire faith in the mission.

Instead, Brewer showed his intense drive for revenge against this creature. When he found out Cdr. Stone had orders to contain it for study, he grew quite agitated and accused Cdr. Stone of being a traitor. Begged Cdr. Stone to destroy creature.

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/