Encrypted Security


Classified: Lab 4 Alarm Code

  1. Name: Sham
  2. Location of Incident: Lab 4
  3. Title: Field Officer
  4. Date of Incident: 2049-11-12
  5. Security Station: 0
  6. Contact: SNI Zero Zero

Description of Incident:

Recent attacks on San Nicolas Island by technologically advanced enemy agents compelled the Navy to reevaluate security. An ocean freighter arrived last week to supply us with Area 51’s latest advancements in intruder detection. Unfortunately, the response teams the Navy will provide are still only human. They may be sufficient for a standard intruder but will do little good against the likes of Bomber, Sabotage, or Alpha. I believe it necessary to make some updates, funneling the data feeds from the Area 51 tech to my personal security station at SNI Zero Zero.

Lab 4 is where Dr. Mera had me move some top-secret project, codenamed “Garbage” contained within a cylinder. Since then, she’s kept me out of the loop with the project’s details, which only piqued my curiosity. Hence, I’ve given the security feeds near Lab 4 a little more attention.

I can’t say I was surprised when an alarm was triggered near Lab 4. I expected it to be one of the island’s scientists, or perhaps Dr. Mera herself, making another visit. But I’m caught off guard when I discover El Ray and Daart tripped the alarm.

If Dr. Mera discovered that they were snooping, it would be disastrous. It might force her to move the experiment again, and I wouldn’t be able to track the progress of whatever Garbage is.

As much as I don’t like to be sentimental, I’ve also grown to appreciate the comradery (dare I say family?) that has developed between myself and the members of GK Delta. If they’re caught, there’s the highest probability they’ll be put “on ice.”

I had to get El Ray and Daart away from there as soon as possible!

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/