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Daart and Squirt 2049-11-12

VLOG and Transcript Pt. 1

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VIDEO: Daart lies on his bunk and looks into the lens of his PalmCam.

Daart: It’s been, um . . . I don’t even know how many days since I’ve been on an official GK Delta mission. I’ve been doing well in my training! I’m superfast, I’m leaping higher than any recorded Olympian, and I’m even getting used to eating the bug diet I need to produce my paralytic slime—blech!

I was in on all of our big missions like deactivating the Cyclonic Weather Apocalyptic Device, taking down the terrorist organization VYRUS, and I even fought Sabotage—TWICE! It was my slime that took him down in our Battle of the Beachhead! But when I asked Lieutenant El Ray and Commander Stone to go with Quillroy and Albert VII to investigate a Chupacabra sighting, I was denied. They couldn’t risk me being seen, they said. Might be too dangerous, they said.

I’m sick of everyone treating me like a kid! I’m ready for some big-time heroic comic book type stuff! Like when the Iron Stomach, that’s my favorite superhero, like when he swallowed a bomb, absorbed the energy from its blast, and saved the kids at the Santa Barbara Sorority Sisters Cinco De Mayo Parade!

I’m tired of waiting. If they won’t assign me official field duty, then I’ll make my own missions!

VIDEO: Daart and the Octopus Lupus Familiaris M.U.T.T.S. species (AKA “octopup”) make their way through the gnarled shrubs and small, colorful flowers that grow wild on San Nicolas Island. The octopup’s ears flop, its tongue droops, and its tenacles struggle to keep pace with Daart on land.

Daart: I’ve been training with the octopup. I call him Squirt cuz he sprays us with ink when he gets excited. Squirt and I on our way to do some beach recon on the far side of the island.

Video: Daart and the octopup play fetch with a branch of driftwood on a secluded San Nicolas Island beach.

Daart: Cadet Daart reporting from a, um . . . a super-secret location on San Nicolas Island. . . yeah. With me is my sidekick, Squirt, the octopup! He’s a M.U.T.T., a special test creature that was hybridized in the lab. I think the scientists are trying to make new animals like us, but I don’t know for sure.

(Octopup barks)

Daart: We’re patrolling the area and so far . . . not much going on.

(Digital beeping)

Daart: Oh, that’s my alarm. Time to eat from the bug jug. Ugh!

Daart: Officially this mix is called the Toxic Insect Protein Diet. It lets my body produce the paralytic slime that sweats out of my skin. It makes it tough to join in when the guys play football, but the slime is really effective when we face villains.

Video: Daart lowers his camera and then pulls a small, specially made, plastic pouch full of insects from his pocket and opens its screwtop lid. Insects leap and squirm to avoid their fate, but with a flick of his tongue, Daart snatches them all in one slurp.

(Crunching sounds)

A residue of slime from the bottom of the pouch oozes down its sides. Daart slurps it up, and after chewing for a bit, he puts the pouch back in his pocket.

Daart: (Dry heave) Ugh, so gross.

(The octopup barks)

Daart: What is it, Squirty? Wanna play s’more catch?

(Squirt whimpers)

Daart: Huh?

Video: Daart turns his PalmCam to capture Lieutenant El Ray creeping through the undergrowth.

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