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Daart and Squirt 2049-11-12

VLOG and Transcript Pt. 2

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Video: El Ray sneers and wields his harpoon defensively. As he notices the threat is in fact Daart and the octopup, he drops his defenses. He shakes his head disapprovingly as he steps out of the underbrush.

El Ray: You aren’t supposed to be here!

Video: Daart picks up the stick that he was tossing for Octopup. He presents it like it was an official piece of Navy equipment.

Daart: Uh, sure I am! I’m, uh . . . training Squirt for, um… beach recovery operations, yeah.

El Ray: Save it. Return to the barracks, and forget I was here.

Daart: Why?

El Ray: That’s an order, Cadet.

Daart: Wait, if I’m not supposed to be here, then why are you here?

El Ray: Trust me, Daart, it’s better if you don’t know.

Daart: If it’s so important, does Cdr. Stone needs to know about it?

El Ray: Negative! Cadet! I’m ordering you—

Daart: Well, if I can’t tell him, then maybe I’d better join you. Squirt, too! You know, to keep an eye out.

El Ray: (Audible sigh) Daart, it’s just too dangerous.

Daart: Ha! Dangerous is my middle name! Daart “Dangerous” Uh. . . Well, I guess I don’t have a last name. Maybe “Dangerous Daart” sounds cooler—

El Ray: Cadet!

Daart: El Ray, you’ve seen me battle robots, cydogs, and Sabotage himself! This can’t be more dangerous than any of that. I want in!

El Ray: You don’t understand what you’re asking.

Video: Cadet Daart slowly walks east towards the San Nicolas Island main complex.

Daart: You’re right . . . I guess I’d better go back to the barracks then. Who knows if I’ll run into the Commander or not . . .

El Ray: Fine.

Daart: Really?!

El Ray: Really. You’re leaving me no choice. Understand that if you come, you’re all in. If things go sideways, then we both go down with the ship.

Daart: Sure! Great! C’mon, Squirt, we have a real mission to go on!

Video: El Ray shakes his head defeated.

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