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El Ray Personal Log Pt. 1 GK04-491112.txt

El Ray Personal Log – November 12, 2049

I can’t shake the feeling that my team and I are being watched for reasons having to do with the Generation Kymera Program. I can’t make heads or tails out of the missing bunker . . . I had risked being reprimanded for going AWOL to investigate a bunker Albert VII claimed to have seen. He’d geotagged its precise location. But when we got there, all we found was one of his whoopie cushions! Albert VII insisted someone else planted it there. I didn’t buy it until an encounter with Bomber and Alpha corroborated his claims. Mr. VII can be a goofball, but I should’ve thought better of him than to think he would lie given the serious circumstances.

We’ve been so bogged down with other missions that I haven’t had a chance to try to find the bunker again. I wouldn’t have any idea where to start even if I did.

It’s not just the bunker, though. There’ve been a number of unusual circumstances over the last few months, and now I’m wondering if they all might be connected.

It first started when I spotted enormous eels swimming off the coast of the island. Eels are not an unusual sight, but these were twenty feet long! I scoured every biology reference I could get my hands on, and I couldn’t find anything like them. Could they be an undiscovered species? I don’t think so. My hunch is that their growth is caused by strange chemicals I saw venting from a pipe near their habitat.

Then, near a heavily wooded training area we nicknamed “the jungle,” Daart found multiple security camera cables that were severed clean. Sham claimed it was Sabotage’s doing, but the fact that it happened between the time Mr. VII discovered the bunker and our investigation warrants further scrutiny.

I considered bringing these matters to Commander Stone. He has always been a mentor to us and treated us with respect—no different from the humans under his command. Yet, in the past when I’ve asked about strange phenomena or contradictions in the official story, he shuts me down. “Need to know” is a phrase I no longer can be on the other side of.

Certainly, some information needs to be classified, but I suspect my team and I are being treated like pawns. They are the only ones I can trust. If I’m eventually going to lead this team, I need to do more to back its members up. My teammates need to be able to trust in me. So I need answers. Besides, I owe it to Albert VII.

Since the eels were my first lead, and the only lead I’m able to follow up on, that’s where my investigation started.

I began by snooping around the M.U.T.T.S. project to see if the eels came from something they were doing. The scientists there are proud to talk about the genetic engineering of hybrid animals. Most of them are civilians and haven’t been browbeaten into keeping information restricted. The M.U.T.T.S. themselves are being created to aid my team in our missions. So it wasn’t difficult to find out what I needed from the MUTTS scientists using casual conversation. After six hours sitting through a thorough lecture on the genetics and the personal lives of the island’s resident scientists, no eels. The lead was a complete dead end.

My only alternative now is to revisit the site where I discovered the eels and the contaminants. My objective is to bring back evidence or find another lead. I may face severe criminal charges if I’m caught in one of the “off limits” zones. If anything does go wrong, and someone is reading this right now, know that I’m acting alone. None of the other GK Delta members are participating in this excursion or its planning.

T 0 ␗ * l ; & i ␜ 5 ␔ ␞ F ␐ Z , ␉ T t q E + ␀ a ␕ ␘ G W , , o – , 1 h c ␍ j W e H C H ␎ & ␌ C [ ␎ 1 z ” ␕ Z 6 p ␍ < c 7 r = > n 0 Z w ␈ e ` ␄ H ␜ j H v $ @ 4 f Y ␎ ␈ ^ ␈ ␋ ~ < D 0 P d D " ␔ 8 m ␉ I ? ␉ 2 r # / - ␂ ␀ E D ␋ t F ␈ % P ␅ A q R ␖ G d , ␈ 9 P ␅ z | ␉ ? ␈ ␌ ␆ ␍ u B ( m 8 b [ ␒ ␔ O 0 c ␔ N t ␉ s A ␀ G $ $ R V { ␜ d 9 : o ␍ ␍ % l ␂ ␗ E 3 [ 8 + @ ␈ 6 7 u ␚ S m ` ␁ ␎ z ␙ : L t ␈ b f . J ␁ o ␙ d s Z ` ␃ ␅ 0 * l ; & i ␜ 5 ␔ ␞ F ␐ Z , ␉ T t q E + ␀ a ␕ ␘ G W , , o - 1 h c ␍ j W e H C H ␎ & ␌ C [ ␎ 1 z " ␕ Z 6 p ␍ < c 7 r = > n 0 Z w ␈ e ` ␄ H ␜ j H v $ @ 4 f Y ␎ ␈ ^ ␈ ␋ ~ < D 0 P d D " ␔ 8 m ␉ I ? ␉ 2 r # / - ␂ ␀ E D ␋ " t F

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