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Daart and Squirt 2049-11-12

LOG and Transcript Pt. 3

  1. Date: 2049-11-12 12:20 Size: 402mb
daart and squirt 2049 11 12 vlog and transcript pt. 3


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Video: Daart films the length of the beach, stopping only to get a shot of El Ray and Squirt before moving on. He catches a glimpse of a drainage pipe in the distance.

Daart: Cadet Daart here, with my sidekick, Squirt the Octopup . . .

Video: Squirt shoots a streak of ink at Daart’s face.

Daart: Aww, c’mon, Squirt! We are on a super-secret mission with Lieutenant El Ray. Hey, El Ray, are we really tracking a pipe?

El Ray: Cadet, I’ve told you before to address me as lieutenant or sir.

Daart: But we’re not even on an official mission!

El Ray: That’s irrelevant. Chain of command protoc—

Daart: El Ray! Look, the pipe leads to that building!

El Ray: Good eye. Keep down, we don’t know who’s in there.

Video: Daart and Squirt both crouch down low. Daart keeps filming as they creep toward the building.

Daart: Hey, El Ray, I don’t know if we’re supposed to be here. That building looks like it’s trying to be hidden.

Video: They approach a building that is surrounded by underbrush and covered in camo netting. Stenciling on the wall reads “LAB 4.” The pipe they were following connects to a port on the exterior wall.

El Ray: That’s where the pipe ends, so that’s where we’re going. Make sure you aren’t seen. Getting caught could mean court martial . . . a dishonorable discharge . . . maybe worse.

Daart: What’s worse than that?

El Ray: Let’s move out.

Video: Daart gulps. El Ray sneaks out of the underbrush.

Video: El Ray approaches a door of the building. Daart and Squirt lag behind.
El Ray: Daart! Come on!

Daart: Uh, that’s cool. We can wait out here.

El Ray: Cadet, you wanted a real mission. Now you have to face the consequences of your choices. Raise anchor, it’s time to go.

Daart: (Sigh) C’mon, Squirt. I guess we’re heading into certain doom.

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