Encrypted Security


REhabilitated Veterans and Augmented Military Personnel

Form 57571 Accounting and Inventory of Discontinued Personnel

  1. Subject Name (Last, First, Middle Initial): Naiki, Victoria I.
  2. DoD ID Number: 6871545083
  3. DOB: 2005-12-19
  4. Rank: Sergeant First Class (SFC)
  5. Sex: n/a
  6. Country of Birth: United States of America
  7. Ethnicity: n/a
  8. ReVAMP History:
    Accepted into ReVAMP 2025
    Reenrolled in ReVAMP 2027


SFC Victoria I. Naiki was first accepted into ReVAMP after an RPG blast took her legs. The incident occurred in 2025 while she was on a mission to evac a hospital during the Malacca Crisis. She was given replacement cybernetic legs and served in the 1st ReVAMP Platoon under Capt. Mick Jameson.

In March of 2026, she tested positive for the Trevenix Virus and was isolated. As the diagnosis for Trevenix is terminal, her cybernetic legs were repossessed. 

Due to SFC Naiki’s high IQ and a recommendation from Capt. Jameson, Naiki qualified for additional enrollment in ReVAMP. The damage from Trevenix was too extensive for any further cybernetic enhancement, so an experimental technology was utilized to transfer her consciousness to a supercomputer with a quantum neural processor. 

Naiki’s new assignment had her monitoring US missile defense systems worldwide. Her digital mind could replicate itself onto select missiles at key sites allowing her to control those missiles after launch. But shortly after her mind transfer, the ReVAMP program ended altogether.

Naiki is an unusual ReVAMP case. She is technically alive, yet sustained by ReVAMP equipment. With ReVAMP no longer receiving funding, the ruling from command is: 

  • Ownership of her hardware and software will be transferred from the US Army to the CIA.
  • Her hardware and software will be transferred to a secure location.
  • She should continue to receive minimum energy resources to sustain her processor.
  • She will be disconnected from all networks public or military.

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/