Encrypted Security


Operation Slippery Cyborg After Action Report (Continued)

Submitted by Lt. El Ray

We received the data transfer on our encrypted AssaultComm before Naiki disrupted communications. No further data transmissions are available from SNI, but radio is still available through the secure comms.


Sham: SNI Base to El Ray

El Ray: Copy, Base.

Sham: El Ray, we have one option left. Through special channels, I was able to procure the Project 15 Exploit— a computer virus capable of taking down any and all web servers accessed by Naiki. Connect it to any available port on her system, and it’ll do the rest.

El Ray: But won’t that effectively destroy the internet?

Sham: For a few days, perhaps weeks, yes. But it’s the only way to completely eradicate Naiki.

El Ray: Wilco. How do l— [scream]


Sabotage seizes me by the back of the neck and slams me to the ground. He presses that heavy cyborg foot into my back. I am pressed like… well, a sardine.

He ripped the AssaultComm off of my wrist. My first thought was that this was an elaborate plan to get the Project 15 virus.


El Ray: Sabotage, What are you doing?

Sabotage: I can’t let you kill her. There has to be another way.

Naiki: There is, Mick. Join me. We can be immortal and all powerful. It’s like a wonderful dream that lasts forever.

El Ray: Sabotage is a lot of things, Naiki, but a coward isn’t one of them.

Naiki: What?

El Ray: Risk and challenge are what makes life worthwhile. Living up to our ideals as best we can in spite of the danger is what makes us good or bad. You will take that away because you’re afraid. You want a world without consequence. You’re asking Sabotage to join you? That’s like asking a lion to live in a zoo. If Sabotage joins you, he’s as big a coward as you.

Naiki: I’m Sergeant First Class Naiki. I’ve received a Silver Star, Purple Heart, and the Executive Medal of Honor. Who are you to say I’m afraid? You’ll be begging me for your pathetic life!

Sham: GK Delta. GK Delta. This is SNI Zero Zero. The warhead has changed course. We’re uploading the new flightpath to the Nighthawk.

Quillroy: Copy.

Naiki: It’s useless, GK Delta.

(Radio silence)

Quillroy: SNI Zero Zero, this is Quillroy. We’ve engaged the incoming missile, but— We can’t stop it. Every time we attack, it changes course.

Naiki: My code— my very life, infects all systems, even those of your warheads.

El Ray: You push a desperate foe too hard, Naiki.

Naiki: The words of Sun Tzu? Meaning wha…— Mick!


Sabotage did it. He installed Project 15.


Sham: GK Delta. This is SNI Zero Zero—

El Ray: Go ahead, Sham.

Sham: El Ray, it appears as though you’ve uploaded Project 15.

El Ray: Not me. A courageous ally. At least an ally for today—

Sham: —Break, break. I’m receiving an emergency transmission from the missile.

El Ray: Put it through.

Sham: She’s requesting to speak to Sabotage.

El Ray: I’ll patch him in.

Naiki: Mick.

Sabotage: Naiki… Where are you?

Naiki: In the missile’s control board. It’s the only place I could avoid the Lynx 15 virus. It’s amusing. I lost my life once from a virus, and now—

Sabotage: Naiki… I’m sorry.

Naiki: Don’t apologize. El Ray was right. I am truly afraid now. It wasn’t as though I never felt fear in my human body, but the waking up and recognizing the potential in each new day… The glory and honor we could seize as soldiers. The power to overcome challenges. Those feelings were what I focused on, and when fear stepped in, it was always on the peripheral. I could acknowledge the fear without dwelling on it. I lived life as a human. This cybernetic existence is simply that, existence, not living. And now that it is about to end there is nothing but fear.

Quillroy: SNI Zero Zero, this is GK Delta. The missile we were following just took a detour. We lost it.

Sham: Tracking.

(Radio silence)

Sham: We lost it too.

El Ray: Keep us posted, Sham. Quillroy, bring the Nighthawk in. We need to place Sabotage under arrest— [Explosion and coughing]


A flash grenade disoriented me. Sabotage escaped. I ran outside to see where he went when I was stopped by the landing of the Nighthawk. He was gone.

Why did he flee instead of attack? I don’t think I could’ve taken him alone. On the other hand, he may not have wanted to face the whole GK Delta team. I’m an optimist, though. Despite his faults, Sabotage has a sense of honor. Today, we were allies in battle, and I believe his honor wouldn’t betray that. Were I to face him tomorrow, we’d be at war.

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