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9/15/2049 08:29:25 root@sabotage:~/var/log/computer-brain-interface-mc.log

  1. ReVAMP
  2. CBI Mental Contemplation Log for
  3. US Army Captain Mick ‘Sabotage’ Jameson
  4. Applied Dynamics™

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From: Naiki (naiki.victoria.i@revamp.mil)
To: Mick (sabotagei@revamp.mil)
Subject: ReVAMP Geolocation and Resources


I made a terrible mistake. I’ve sent the warhead to an uninhabited, remote location.

I’ve never failed a mission in my life. Your orders were to retrieve the names, locations, and necessary resources to rebuild the 1st ReVAMP Platoon. Attached you’ll find the information requested.

You’ll notice one additional name: SFC Victoria Naiki. I leave it to your discretion as to whether I deserve forgiveness. I assure you if I am ever given another chance at life, I only want to serve. If you believe I’m worthy of redemption, the location noted is where I sent the missile. On its control board, if not completely destroyed, is a bioalgorithm. It’s the last, uninfected, version of my software.

If I don’t see you again, good luck, Mick.

SFC Victoria I. Naiki
US Army

Attachments: ReVAMP_Report_GIS_TRAXA.edt

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/