Encrypted Security


Generation Kymera Incident Report

  1. Name: Sham
  2. Location of Incident: SNI Brig
  3. Title: Field Officer
  4. Date of Incident: 2049-09-12
  5. Security Station: 0
  6. Contact: SNI Zero Zero

On the 12th of September, around 1300 hours, I was in the process of constructing a timeline of events for the attacks by Sabotage in Security Station 0. San Nicolas Island military intelligence had made it a high priority to determine why Sabotage would attack the island twice so soon after a previous escape, but the investigation was postponed while dealing with a terrorist threat by the anarchist group, VYRUS and our agency’s discovery of Atlantis.

During my chronological reconstruction, I noticed on the security feeds that Sabotage was behaving in an unusual way. It might have seemed normal to an ordinary observer, luckily, I was monitoring the situation.

In Enrico Russell’s Algorithms for Advanced Systems (5th edition) he used a variation on the Fibonacci sequence to create a randomly generated number algorithm. As I watch Sabotage on video, I notice that his movements match that exact same sequence. There could be two possibilities: The video feed had a glitch, or Sabotage’s cybernetic implants were breaking down from the EMP blast I gave him. Since the video timestamp was running normally, I got up to investigate in-person and see if the prisoner needed medical attention.

“Field agent Sham. SNI Zero Zero, Gamma clearance,” I greet the two soldiers guarding the cell as I arrive.

“Yeah, we, uh, know you who are. I’m not sure the ID is necessary.” one says.

“It’s proper protocol,” I insist.

“Right. Reason for your visit?”

“Captain Jameson, ‘Sabotage,’ has been exhibiting erratic behavior since I detained him. Even though he’s a prisoner, we’re obligated to ensure his well being while in our custody.”

They log my arrival in official records and then unlock the antechambers of the cell. We enter. They unlock the cell’s viewport and I open it. As I peek in, I gasp.

It was completely empty except for a pile of dirt, rubble, and melted metal. Sabotage had escaped. I immediately and discreetly, in hopes of maintaining the advantage of surprise, radio the relevant base personnel.

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/