Encrypted Security


Operation Slippery Cyborg Debriefing Report

  1. 2049-09-18
  2. From: Lt. El Ray
  3. To: Cdr. Ezra Stone

Subject: Operation Slippery Cyborg After Action Report

Event Summary: At approximately 1300 hours on September 12, Ens. Albert VII notifies us by radio that he’d located Sabotage in the base’s computer core. According to his report, Mr. VII found Sabotage with his cybernetic body connected to one of the base’s network servers.

I arrive minutes after Albert VII’s call. It’s as Albert had said: on the far side of the room, a dusty, blue, multi-rack, computer server is connected to cords coming from Sabotage’s lower back and lateral muscles… Or at least, where his lats would be if he weren’t a cyborg.

Daart arrives shortly after me. En route, I requested his particular skills since they were effective last time against Sabotage. It still isn’t enough.

“Mr. Quillroy, how far out are you?” I say discreetly into the radio.

Unfortunately, I had previously dispatched him to search the far northwest side of the island in the hunt for Sabotage.

“At least ten minutes,” he responds.

I made the decision to engage Sabotage without him to prevent further damage or escape.

Sabotage neglects to disconnect from the server in spite of our attack. Even distracted as he is, we are outmatched. Every time we fight Sabotage it’s like fighting a brand new enemy. His ReVAMP software is designed with artificial intelligence that automatically records and adapts to our fighting methods each time we face him.

Daart attempts to fling his poison secretions at Sabotage, but Sabotage has upgraded his A.I. since our last fight. His body moves erratically to shield any exposed parts of his skin with his robotic armor. I try shorting out his circuitry with all my bioelectricity. It doesn’t even phase him. Albert VII goes so far as to throw every whoopie cushion, electric buzzer, and banana cream pie in his arsenal, but Sabotage even updated his software to ignore those distractions. The only thing stopping him from completely annihilating us is that he would have to disconnect from the server first.

My head is full of cobwebs from the pounding Sabotage gave it. Things are fuzzy, but I could see a progress bar on the server’s screen nearly at 100%. I muster all my strength, but it isn’t enough. I collapse. He finally disconnects and makes his way towards me.

“Now to take out the bio-trash once and for all,” he says as he raises a leg ready to deliver a fatal blow.

That’s when Sabotage is tackled by a running spear shot from Quillroy. He straddles the cyborg and pummels him, blow after blow.

That A.I. system kicks in again though. Sabotage flips Quillroy like a pancake right onto the big computer server. Sabotage trounces Quillroy. Their combined weight flattens the server, and in their struggle, they wreck any nearby equipment. I think Quillroy is a goner, but we could all hear the tanks and helicopters in the distance. Sabotage must’ve too. He flees and none of the GK Delta team is in any shape to stop him.

My main priority was to see to our wounded, but Sham arrives, he insists on questioning me. The opportunity to recover Sabotage is running out. I gave him all the answers I had while I treated Daart. I’ve included a transcript of events below.


Sham: What was Sabotage doing in here?

Lt. El Ray: Messing with one of the computers… Connecting to it.

Sham: Which one?

Lt. El Ray: I’m not sure, my head’s pounding and my eyes are swollen—

Sham: Lieutenant, this core contains information about the world’s most classified military secrets. It is vital we know what he was doing here post haste!

Lt. El Ray: [Grunts] Let me see. [Grunts] It was the big blue one in that pile over there. He was downloading something.

Sham: Oh— Oh, dear— No… Are you sure?

Lt. El Ray: Hmmm.

Lieutenant El Ray gestures at the floor.

Lt. El Ray: Yeah. I remember because I was laying there looking up, and he came at me from this direction when the download was done… What does this writing mean, Nagh-ee-key?

Sham: Naiki, pronounced just like the shoe company. Naiki happens to be the most powerful weapons system ever created.

Lt. El Ray: How do we stop him from using it?

Sham: Naiki is not an “it.” Naiki is a “her.”

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