Encrypted Security


2049-09-12 12:21:18 root@sabotage:~/var/log/computer-brain-interface-mc.log

  1. ReVAMP
  2. CBI Mental Contemplation Log for
  3. US Army Captain Mick ‘Sabotage’ Jameson
  4. Applied Dynamics™

They’re watching me on their security cams. I have to put on a show. I stand up. I take ten steps. I sit down. I stand again. I lay down. I do all sorts of seemingly random activities, except with machine precision. Every action ends in a precise location. The cybernetic implants in my brain record the exact coordinates and duration of each action.

Why? My escape this time can’t be as obvious. Whatever is on the NAIKI server is 1.2 Zettabytes. I’ll need time to copy it. 

NAIKI. That name will be forever etched on my mind. What’s it doing stenciled on a massive computer server covered in dust? I’m ticked that those genefreaks stopped me and my Cydog army from finding out, but I came prepared to break out of their cages again if I had to. Well, now, I guess I have to.

This prison cell is no joke. It’s made of double-reinforced concrete walls poured with triple titanium rebar, and surrounded by steel. It’d take construction equipment outfitted with fusion-core soldering torches; focused, tactical hydrogen reactor blasts; and tunneling capabilities hours to break me out of here. Luckily, a cyborg-man’s best friend has that equipment, and I needed those hours.

There’s a wireless access point in the base security system. I can hack it using my body’s cybernetics while I appear to be laying down. Now comes the fun part.

Accessing the video feed, I copy the video file of me in the cell. I edit it, slicing up video clips of my precise movement. Since my motions were precise, I can randomly place these clips for as long as I need without anyone noticing the video is edited with cuts. I create an algorithm to play these random clips infinitely, with a current timestamp, while I’m gone.

Just in time, too. My sensors picked up the rumble of the explosions. Shortly after, robotic barking came from underneath the cell. I gave him the signal, and Cydog Prime tore through the floor. He had dug the tunnel to my exact specifications, and we made our escape. 


Robot dogs are so much easier to train than their organic counterparts!

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/