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United States Army Medical Request

Form 4405 Request for ReVAMP Health Modifications

  1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial): Naiki, Victoria I.
  2. DoD ID Number: 6871545083
  3. DOB: 2005-12-19
  4. Rank: Sergeant First Class (SFC)
  5. Sex: Female
  6. Country of Birth: United States of America
  7. Ethnicity: Asian
  8. Remarks:
    Blood Type: O Positive
    IQ: 160
    Accepted into ReVAMP 2025-07-18


I have never admired another soldier more than SFC Victoria Naiki. She joined the 1st ReVAMP Platoon in 2025 after leg augmentation. Since accepting her into my unit, her mind for military tactics has helped save this country countless soldiers’ lives. I would’ve been a nitwit, as her commanding officer, not to take her advice into account on missions. I outranked her, sure, but saying SFC Naiki served under me is a joke. No one in our platoon doubted she was well on her way to being a six-star general someday…

…Except fate dealt her a nasty blow. The Trevenix Virus, rare as it is, infected SFC Naiki. I assume she was exposed to it during one of our missions, but a formal investigation was never done. In my discussions with SFC Naiki, she indicated the damage done by the virus couldn’t be remedied through standard ReVAMP cybernetic implants and robotic limbs. It would be a tragedy for this country to lose SFC Naiki. Therefore, I am appealing to the directors of the ReVAMP program to use any means possible to save her.

It’s an insult for a great warrior like her to be taken by a microscopic foe.

Submitted by:

US Army Captain Mick “Sabotage” Jameson

File Directory

~/SNI Zero Zero/