Encrypted Security


2049-08-31 11:49:03 root@sabotage:~/var/log/computer-brain-interface-mc.log

  1. ReVAMP
  2. CBI Mental Contemplation Log for
  3. US Army Captain Mick ‘Sabotage’ Jameson
  4. Applied Dynamics™

I have that punk frog by the neck. These freaks destroyed almost all of my cydog army, but I had the fish, the rhino, the lizard, and the monkey down for the count. It was just me and that oversized, frog-tween. 

“Pathetic,” I call him. “You’re an insult to real soldiers.”

Looking in those bizarre part-human, part-amphibian eyes, the rage swept over my mind like a hot iron grill. I squeeze tighter. 

“I hate everything about you. I’m even offended by the look of ya.”

“Would you say I ‘spit in your eye?’” he says, voice straining.

Then, that nasty, red and blue booger boy, calling himself Daart, flicked his poison filth in my eye. It was enough to paralyze me. I can’t let them stop me now! Not until I complete my mission. 

My human parts were stunned. Fine. I redirect energy resources accordingly so that my machine picks up the slack. 

“You have no idea what you’ve done! You fools don’t even know

But the giant lizard hit me from behind… I shouldn’t have been surprised given Sham’s history, a history his new teammates don’t seem to know about… Yet. 

I dropped like a lead brick. 

My body was paralyzed: the robotic parts by the degaussing of an EMP blast, the organic parts by a poisonous slime. I couldn’t utter a word, but I could hear everything they said.

“Sabotage was about to admit that it was one of his cydogs that cut the camera wires you were so concerned about earlier, Daart.” Sham says. 

The liar. He was hiding something from his team and trying to pin it on me. Lucky for me, Sham, the base’s top security advisor, doesn’t seem to know what Cydog Prime is really up to or why I came back. What is C.P. is up to? That’s my ace in the hole. Why I came back, on the other hand, they would have to look back 24 years in time to figure out.

File Directory

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